Mission and Vision :

Vbhushan is a tale of the east that spreads to the west and beyond. With its inception in 2014, it became a flag bearer of finely handcrafted jewellery that was the perfect amalgamation of precious and artificial jewellery. Indian Jewellery carries legacy in it, and Vbhushan married the design and craftmanship of fine heirloom jewellery to the affordable glory of semi precious jewels.

The Vbhushan woman is exceptionally special and the brand is a strong advocate for authenticity.  Customisation is not just a forte, it is a pursuit, to bring a vision to life. We believe in incorporating the wearer’s personality into our designs, forming sense of belonging between the adorner and the jewels.  Our jewellery represents women’s modernity clubbed with the ethnicity of her vibrant style. 

Our customer orientation is strengthened with our intent to provide service par excellence. With Vbhushan, it is not about selling a product, it is about building trust and rendering a smooth experience to each client. Our creativity finds its solace in the smiles of contentment that our clients give. Our patience, respect and ease in forming camaraderie with our customer is our pride that also humbles us.
We work on the formula of empathy. “If we wouldn’t like it, we wouldn’t make you go through it.”