Our clients across the globe have vouched for the service and products we provide. Our jewels are not just a commodity to glam up your wardrobe, it is a piece of resplendence that is timeless and elegance personified. We have always been proud of prioritising our clients’ happiness over anything, and are willing to go the extra mile to make that happen. Our service and customisation feature is responsible to bring that smile, we present The Vbenefit to ensure that smile stays!

As the name suggests, VBenefit focuses on helping you avail commercial benefit on each purchase on the basis of points accumulated in the past. Let us understand how.

Way to earn
5 points for every ₹1 spent 

Way to redeem
100 points = ₹1 

To illustrate, you make a purchase of 5000 INR, the points you avail are 25, which gives you a discount of 500 INR in your next purchase. Terms and conditions apply

To calculate how many points you have, just divide your total bill amount with 200
To calculate how much discount you are eligible for basis your points, multiply your points with 20